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February 2020 Archives

3 Common Bankruptcy Myths

Financial difficulties can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. While bankruptcy provides relief from crippling debt, the social stigma surrounding it may cause you to hesitate when considering it. Complex emotions surround bankruptcy, and just thinking about it can be overwhelming.

Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure And Save My Home?

Life is unpredictable and can change in an instant – for better or worse. Life’s unexpected challenges may lead to unforeseen expenses, and paying housing costs during these moments can seem nearly impossible. When the bills pile up and you don’t know what to do, filing for bankruptcy may be an option you need to consider.

How Filing Bankruptcy Will End Creditor Harassment

 Constant phone calls and letters from creditors and debt collectors are a major stressor — not to mention lawsuits filed against you. If you’re drowning in debt, chances are you already know you’re struggling and are desperately searching for a way out. The incessant pursuit by collection agencies can be an unnecessary reminder of your current struggles.